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IM Series 40 Watt 255 Channel Mobile Radio

The new IM mobiles are the most competitive mobiles on the market today. The IM Series radios are high power 40 watt mobile radios sporting advanced features at the lowest cost of any comparable unit. Fire and other public safety users will love the small size and easy configuration. This is our most rugged unit to date, easily meeting Mil-Spec and Europe's IP-54. Download and print our color Specification Sheet (PDF format) .

IM Series UHF and VHF Mobiles, 40 Watts, 255 Channels

Special features:
  Priority Scan
  Rugged Die-Cast Frame
  Loud Audio
  8 Digit Alpha-Numeric
  Superior receiver
  Meets Mil-Spec and Europe's IP-54

   DOWNLOAD  Spec Sheet




Kansas City Time

  26 Years!

Hot deals available on the new IM Series UHF and VHF 40 watt mobiles. Great for Fire, Public Safety, School Buses and Industrial users!

The TEKK  brand is now celebrating it's 26th year! Register for our email and fax service for many "Specials" throughout 2011!

Don't forget our many audio accessories!

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